It’s a necessary part of business

For a business to survive and prosper, sometimes tough decisions have to be made – like reducing the size of your workforce. It’s not easy for anyone involved, particularly those facing redundancy, but it can be made easier with the right support.

Whether someone has been with your organisation for decades or is a recent joiner, they’ll find the prospect of having to ‘sell themselves’ to future employers a daunting one. (Who doesn’t feel wobbly at the thought of an interview?)

It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom though. Helping staff to develop their personal brand and make the right impact will give them a real edge in the job market, enabling you to add some extra value before they go.

Unlike other outplacement services that give personal brand only a cursory mention, these in-depth webinars and workshops teach:

  • People buy people, so tell them who you are, not just what you offer
  • Understand the detail that provides your unique selling point
  • Let your online brand sell you before people meet you
  • Get on your network’s radar…and stay on it
  • Promote your personal brand in a subtle way to create a positive impact

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Case Studies

Case study

One bank’s wish to offer comprehensive outplacement support led to it adding a personal brand workshop to its roster of in-house guidance.

Attendees learnt to think further than their CV in order to land a new position and generated a practical plan of action to raise their profile both online and in person.

Case Studies

Case study

A financial organisation that wanted to retain key members of staff during a transition period offered one-to-one outplacement packages as an added benefit.

This included having their personal brand defined, a CV written, the creation of their LinkedIn profile and coaching in interview techniques.

Case Studies

Case study

Michelle was a CEO who, after being redundant for a number of months, secured a new role.

After defining what differentiated her from others in the market, she learnt practical tips and techniques to convey her brand in interviews. This helped her overcome previous feedback that, “We knew you could do the job, but we couldn’t get a feel for you as a person.”