Personal brand specialist and author

Never underestimate your personal brand and the impact it has

Jennifer Holloway doesn’t. Her own brand has played a major part in her career – starting with 15 years in PR, running press offices and dealing with journalists then, since 2008, as the boss of her own company.

How it all started

If ever there was a job where you need to promote a personal brand, not just a corporate one, dealing with journalists is it. When Jennifer started her PR career she understood she had to get her contacts buying into her just as much as she had to get them buying into the story she was selling. So she quickly learnt how to build relationships, get buy-in and stay on people’s radars in order to stand out from the crowd. It worked and Jennifer got her stories (and herself) in the news – something that continues today with appearances on ITV News At Ten and BBC radio, plus in The Telegraph, FT, The Guardian and Stylist magazine.

Growing the business

Since setting up her own business in 2008, Jennifer’s own brand has been exactly what people have been buying. (She’s often told she’s a great advert for what she teaches.) As a leading personal brand expert specialising in working with large corporates, her client list includes some of the most recognisable brands in the world like HSBC, Vodafone, Tesco, Uber, Santander, Bupa, ITV and Harrods.

Keynote speaker

When Jennifer’s on stage motivating large crowds as a keynote speaker, her ‘double espresso’ delivery leaves audiences’ heads buzzing with ideas to instantly improve their brands. As one person said, “It was by far the best personal branding talk I’ve heard…and I mean by far”, while another said it was “extremely thought provoking”. (Or as one person put it: “It was the kick up the backside I needed.”)

Coach and trainer

Whether working with people one-to-one as a specialist coach or in a workshop, Jennifer’s skill is pinpointing someone’s USP, then articulating their brand with some savvy wordsmithing to make it shine. Her approach is frequently referred to as ‘straight-talking’ but always in her customers’ best interests. As one client from Microsoft said, “Jennifer’s style was very friendly and relaxed, yet her observations were sharp and accurate.”

Best-selling author

In 2013, Jennifer wanted to make it easier for even more people to learn how to blow their own trumpet…without sounding like an idiot. So she wrote and published Amazon UK’s best-selling personal brand book: Personal Branding For Brits. (Though it’s not just for Brits and has sold thousands of copies worldwide.)

Outside work, Jennifer lives life at a much slower pace – pottering around the vegetable patch in her wellies, keeping chickens, walking her dogs across the Yorkshire Dales, then ending the day with a well-earned glass of Rioja while watching her favourite TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race.