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Time to think about what’s important…you

When was the last time you got a chance to stop and think about you? To really understand what makes you tick. To consider what personal impact you might make. To contemplate how your personal brand could help you do your job and move your career forwards.

A personal brand workshop or seminar gives people the time to do just that.

It’s a brilliant feeling for any delegate when the penny drops, the light bulb comes on and realisation dawns (plus plenty of other analogies), because that’s the moment their confidence, motivation and productivity move up a gear. And it can happen at all levels:

  • It’s when senior executives accept there’s more to being a good leader than just doing the job.
  • It’s when future leaders learn simple techniques to get better buy-in from their teams.
  • It’s when salespeople discover the power of their network and how to stay on the radar.
  • It’s when graduates realise the littlest things can make a big impact (and not always in a positive way).
  • It’s when people facing redundancy understand what’s needed to stand out from the job-seeking crowd.

Each seminar and workshop is tailored to the audience and can last from 45 minutes to a full day, to meet a range of budgets.

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Case Studies

Case study

A bank created a talent programme aimed at helping high-potential individuals to raise their profile and improve their impact.

A series of personal brand workshops, accompanied by a 360˚ perception survey, helped attendees to focus clearly on their skills, strengths and behaviours and how they could use them to add even more value to the company.

Case Studies

Case study

A telecom company sought to help its project managers strengthen relations and work more efficiently with a number of different departments.

The workshop focused on raising awareness of how internal customers perceived individuals’ brands, before teaching communication techniques that could be put into practice immediately to build rapport and relationships.

Case Studies

Case study

An engineering firm wanted its latest intake of graduates to transition smoothly from campus life to corporate life.

To help them make a positive impression from the off, the induction programme included an interactive personal brand seminar covering everything from timekeeping to written communications, networking to online profiles.